Glamping is the practice of 5-star luxury camping in the wilderness setting.   The term first came into common use in the United Kingdom in 2005 and found its way into the Oxford dictionary in 2016.  Glamping is a portmanteau word that combines glamour with camping. The result of course is Glamping!  This entire website assumes your interest in Glamping is focused on a desire to Glamp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Obviously, you can Glamp at any mountain location if there’s a camp that offers luxury amenities.  In fact, Glamping now includes destination locations at mountain venues around the world as well as beach settings.  There are numerous websites that feature world-wide Glamping placement services.  To Glamp is to camp in the wilderness with all the luxuries found at an expensive hotel, including 5-star dining and plush bedding with fine liens.  You would expect unlimited hot showers and flushing toilets as well.

You are a Glamper if you have previously camped at a 5-star setting that featured luxury amenities previously unavailable at wilderness camps.  Out of necessity, we interpret luxury camping in the High Sierra to include camps that offer slightly less than 5-star amenities.  Otherwise, there would only be one solitary camp that met every single 5-star requirement.  Hopefully, this will change in the years to come.

Now that we have defined the concept of Glamping, can all those luxury amenities really be found at a California High Sierra Camp?  After all, the camps are located many miles from the nearest city and right in the middle of the wilderness.  The answer is yes, if you choose your destination camp carefully.  Sometimes campers make concessions as to which luxuries they’ll be happy with based on the general High Sierra location they wish to visit.  This website helps you decide which camp may be best for you!  Below is a brief history of Glamping in the Sierra Nevada.

Back in the day, the only way you could camp in style with all the luxuries imaginable was to hire an Outfitter.  Also known as a Pack Station Wrangler.  These hearty souls manage their businesses as horse corrals located along the West and East sides of the Sierra Nevada.  To book a luxury styled camping trip, you would contract them for what is referred to as an "All Expenses Pack Trip".

All Expenses trip costs are higher than the modern-day Glamping style High Sierra Camps that this website focuses on. Pack station usually charge $300 per person per day and require a 5-day minimum. Whereas Glamping camps featured here charge between 150.00 and 250.00 per person!  Not only are the costs lower but the increased level of luxury is significantly higher.

The amenities are vastly different as well. Pack stations supply a riding horse and a guide to any location you choose.  Once there, the Wrangler/Guide would setup camp including tents and kitchen.  Then you would either relax around camp or go fishing/day hiking.  A camp cook would prepare a dinner or breakfast and start a campfire. On your departure day, horses would be brought back up and you would ride back down to the Pack Station. The meals are not 5 star and the bedding are sleeping bags. You might get a solar shower but obviously no toilets of any kind.

High Sierra Glamping at one of the seven camps featured here is the latest and best luxury version of the old “All Expenses” pack trip.  Now folks who have both a love of camping in the High Sierra and a preference for hotel-like amenities can experience this ultimate blend of wilderness camping.

Finally, here are some examples for this new term in sentence form. I am a Glamper. We have Glamped. Let’s go Glamping. I like to Glamp. So there you have it, the history of Glamping and how to impress your friends with a brand new portmanteau word. Just think of all the fun you'll have at the next cocktail party when you tell them that you've just returned from a Glamping trip!