Use the Compare Camps table below to quickly check each camps’ amenities. The table can be sorted a multitude of ways. Simply click the top column name to change the sort. You can continue to click each column back and forth until the view suits your needs.

If the type of toilet is important (and to many it is) that can be easily sorted. You will see two types of toilets. Flushing toilets like you use at home and composting toilets that you ascend stairs to access the second story above the actual compost pit. These can have smells and vary from composting site to other composting sites.

One of the most important amenities are hot showers and those vary from timed pull chains with limited hot water, camps that have none, to facilities that have unlimited hot showers. Click that column to narrow down the choices.

Perhaps the most important rating is the overall experience of each camp. We have independently rated all seven High Sierra Camps with the 5-star system. Needless to say, it is very subjective so we encouraged you to read each camps’ detailed overviews to come up with our own rating. However, our rating considers the hike-in distance, bedding quality, showers, meals, private room availability as well as other amenities to determine the final rating of each camp. Don’t forget to sort the hike-in, which is very important. We always consider the hike distance from the nearest road, not from another camp.

Lastly, we recommend that you make your final camp selection based on our two informational pages called, HOW TO DECIDE and EXPLORE CAMPS. Because High Sierra Camp amenities and location considerations are not always obvious, those pages will confirm the ratings we have assigned in the table below. We have used both those criteria to come up with our independent ratings.




Camp NameOverall RatingVistas ViewsToilet TypeOnsite ChefHot ShowersPrivate RoomsCocktails BeerPlush BedsBooking EaseHike-in
Sequoia 5 Stars4 StarsFlushingYesUnlimitedYesYesYesEasyEasy
Vogelsang4 Stars5 StarsCompostNoTimerNoNoNoLotteryModerate
Sunrise 4 Stars5 Stars CompostNoTimerNoNoNoLotteryModerate
Glen Aulin4 Stars5 StarsFlushingNoNoNoNoNoLotteryModerate
May Lake4 Stars5 StarsFlushingNoUnlimitedNoNoNoLotteryEasy
Bear Paw4 Stars5 StarsFlushingNoTimerNoNoNoLotteryVery Hard
Merced Lake3 Stars4 StarsFlushingNoUnlimitedNoNoNoLotteryHard